Group Ride & Movie Night “California Golde”

Event Overview

Join us on Saturday, June 29th for a rad event!  A group ride (5pm @ SBK) followed by a great movie night (7:30pm @ SBK)!

After the ride, we will screen “California Golde” a short film by Sandy Carson and Ronnie Ultraromance, Jr.  We will also screen another 3min film “Ride Like a Girl” by Jon Lynn.

Basic plan for the night :

5pm - Gather for ride at SBK (rolling 5:30)

7:30pm - Gather for food and film at SBK (1st screening at sunset followed by Q&A)

California Golde and Ride Like a Girl are both short films, so we expect to screen them each 2x.

About “California Golde”:

A film about the beauty and hardship of an analog bike tour in California’s  Sequoia national park.  The film features and is narrated by Ronnie Romance, Jr (@ultraromance) and also features Tenzin Namdol (@goodolenam)

Ron and Nam will be in attendance at SBK for the event and will participate in a Q&A session!

Director Biography - Sandy Carson, Ronnie Romance Jr.

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Sandy Carson is a photographer, film maker and cyclist who was raised in Scotland, now based in Austin, Texas.

Ronald Romance is a cyclist, heavy metal drummer and yoghurt enthusiast raised in nutmeg country who lives and breathes bicycles.

Director Statement

California Golde is inspired by the nostalgia and aesthetic of 70s surf movies with the modern-day popularity of off-road bike touring. Shot entirely on Kodak Super 8 film, our film chronicles a completely analogue off-the-grid tour, with no digital devices, apps, or GPS. A window to a time before we became cyborgs.

A few comments on “California Golde” from others on the internet:


The warm fuzz of a technicolour California summer, captured from the saddle of touring bicycles, amidst the bittersweet backdrop of the smoky Sequoia National Forest fire season.

California Golde is a conceptually spun psychedelic yarn of analogue exploration and recreation in the digital age that ultimately disconnects from our hyped-up, phone-obsessed culture.

Besides California Golde, we will also screen “Ride Like a Girl”.

About “Ride Like a Girl”:

“Ride Like a Girl” by Jon Lynn (@jonlynnjonlynn) and featuring Carley Young (@sk8bmxchic) and Nina Buitrago (@nina_burrito)

It’s an inspiring 3minute film focusing on the organization in Pittsburgh by the same name that was established to empower women in the sport of BMX to be the very best.  Their motto is : If you are going to ride like a girl then ride like the best!


Event Details

5pm (ride), 7:30pm (film) - 10pm
337r Summer street, somerville MA