Opening Status Update

We are back to normal walk-in hours!! Our open shop hours are: 6-9pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. No appointment needed. Masks are required to be worn at all times while indoors or within 6 feet of other people.

Homemade shop vise

We have upgraded our clamping capability with a new larger vise. And we decided to give it its very own custom built stand. No stubborn freewheel or stuck seatpost will now be safe from our new shop vise! Thanks to Zack and Troy for making the time to design and build it!

A new shelf is born!

We’ve cleared out one wall of the shop, to add some improvised shelving and organization. Our bike repair library, small parts bins, and mobile tool kits will now exist in a more accessible location, and our tabletop workspace is a lot larger! Thanks to our staff member Luis for putting this together!

Fork oil change

One of our staff did an oil change for their fork at SBK the other week. Here are some shots of the process. Nothing like some clean fork oil to keep your suspension parts supple!

We have Venmo!

People have been asking us, and we’re happy to report we now have a Venmo account for SBK. You can Venmo us at @SomervilleBikeKitchen for donations, memberships, or parts purchases. Cash is still welcome too, of course!

Introducing Mobile Tool Kits

We’ve put together some mobile tool kits here at SBK to make working outside the main shop space easier and simpler. We’re also hoping to use these at local events. Each kit comes with a basic set of tools that should allow you to do a basic bike tune up and any minor adjustments: Allen wrench set Chain checker Tire levers Chain tool Screwdrivers Cone wrenches Box wrenches