The Somerville Bike Kitchen (SBK) is a bicycle repair cooperative/collective where members of the community can repair their own bikes, learn about bike repair and attend bike events. The SBK located at 339R Summer Street, Somerville, MA, in a 190 ft² space just outside of Davis Square. The space is managed by eight volunteer staff members and is open to the public and members for drop-in hours two nights a week.


Presently, the space is open to the public and members from 6pm to 9pm every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Bike stands and tools are available on a first come first serve basis.


We suggest a contribution of $10 per hour for using the space and tools. For those with more serious interest, we offer a $100 yearly membership. Members can use the space anytime during drop in hours with no additional charge.


Want to volunteer with us? Great! More info


Presently, eight staff members share the responsibility for managing the space and hosting open shop hours. In addition, staff pay a small monthly fee to help cover costs. In exchange, staff have open access to the repair space outside of drop-in hours. If you are interested in becoming a staff member, send an email to staff at staff@somervillebikekitchen.org


See our list of tools. If you have bike specific tools or bike-related tools that you are not using, we would be happy to add them to our set.


We are not professional bike mechanics. If you want professional advice about your bike, we recommend that you stop by any of the wonderful local bike shops in our area. That said, we all like working on bikes and are happy to share what we know.